How to wash a Cotton Backpack

Just like any other object, backpacks get dirty too. However, backpacks are merely washed once or twice a year. The backpacks made of Nylon or polyester don’t require special treatments as they are strong and easy to wash. However, when it comes to washing a cotton backpack, most people treat it similar to nylon and polyester backpacks and that’s how they ruin the cotton backpack. Now you will ask if they shouldn’t be treated the same then how to wash a cotton backpack then. Well, the step-by-step guide will help you wash the cotton backpack without damaging the fabric.

how to wash a cotton backpack


To wash a cotton backpack, make sure you fulfill the mentioned requirements

  • A Bucket
  • Lukewarm Water
  • Liquid detergent
  • Soft brush or washcloth

How to Wash a Cotton Backpack

1. Brush off the Dirt

Remove all the objects from inside of the backpack and empty it. Look for any dirt that may be visible to you. Brush off any dirt or dust that is present on the backpack.

2. Read the backpack instructions

Every backpack comes with a label where the instruction is mentioned. Read the instructions carefully and move on with the coming steps. In case the instruction label is not present, skip this step and move on to the next.

3. Use Detergent

If you intend to wash the cotton backpack with your hands, take a bucket full of water. Make sure that the water you take in the bucket is lukewarm. Pour the appropriate amount of liquid detergent into the water. Now directly put the cotton backpack into the bucket. Or you can put the cotton backpack into the washing machine but the rest it is the same process.

4. Wash the Backpack

Now that you have put the cotton backpack into the water, gently wash it with a brush or washcloth. Don’t be harsh with the brush because it can damage the backpack. Use the brush or washcloth to remove any dirt that might be present. After washing the backpack, replace the water. Moreover, submerge the backpack into the clean water. Go over the backpack again with the washcloth so that the remaining detergent is gotten rid of.

5. Let it Dry

Let the cotton backpack dry in the air. Avoid using the machine dryer, for it removes all of the moisture from the bag.


You can wash the cotton backpack with your hands. However, if you want to wash it with a laundry machine make sure you follow the process. As it is obvious that the cotton backpack is fragile, any mistreatment can ruin the fabric. It is recommended not to put the cotton backpack in the dryer, but let it dry on its own. Don’t squeeze the cotton backpack.