Why does my back sweat when I wear a backpack

Why does my back sweat when I wear a backpack

The sweaty back can be pretty annoying, especially when you are out there in the public and you can’t put down the backpack because your back is full of sweats. However, to solve the back sweating issue, first, let’s understand why we sweat. When the body temperature rises, sweating generally starts. In order to maintain the optimal body temperature, the human body lets go of heat through sweating, which creates a cooling effect. You may ask why does my back sweat when I wear a backpack, well only your back sweats because your backpack traps the body’s heat loss due to which the temperature in that part of the body rises thus activating the sweat glands. To get rid of the sweating of your back, you need to choose a backpack that has a good ventilation mechanism and comes with a design that has a mesh covering at the back.

Must to Know Things About Sweating

Humans are generally different from each other. Each one having a unique set of characteristics. Likewise, when it comes to perspiration, it differs from individual to individual. The following set of factors would give you an idea of why some people sweat more while other sweat less.

  • Mass of your Muscle: People who have more muscle mass than fat in their bodies usually sweat more than the people who have more fat. If you are a person with more muscle mass then it’s the reason you sweat more than the average person.
  • Size of your Body: People with big bodies sweat more than people with small bodies because bigger bodies require more perspiration to cool down.
  • Health: Having a health condition would also impact how much you sweat. There are a number of health issues that may cause your body to sweat excessively.

How to Avoid Sweaty Back

There are some ways that can help you avoid sweatily back.

1. Choose A Backpack with Ventilation Mechanism

It is better to use a backpack with an external frame keeping it some inches away from your back. You can also choose the backpack that is designed with a mesh covering at the back. Having some space between the backpack and your back would allow some breathing and you could reduce back sweating to a high extent.

2. Wear Light Clothing

During the day, avoid wearing heavy clothes rather wear clothes with natural fibers. Cotton, silk and many other alternatives are available to help you avoid back sweating.

Wear Light Clothing

3. Drink Plenty of Cool Water

Cool water would reduce the body temperature, and your body will be rehydrated again. Drink cool water to keep your body at optimum temperature.

Drink Plenty of Cool Water

4. Avoid Foods That Trigger Sweating

There are some foods that trigger nerves thus activating the sweat glands, which can cause excess sweating. Avoid foods that contain spices, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, and so on.

Avoid Foods That Trigger Sweating


At last, it can be concluded that the individuals who wear regular backpacks are more prone to sweaty backs than those who wear backpacks with good ventilation and mesh covering at the back. So it is better to change the regular backpack to a backpack with a good ventilation mechanism.